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Monday, 6 October 2014


Nigel Slaters Book 'Eat' is great for quick dinners. I bought a copy for my friend Kate who helps with the baking at Fancy. Kate is always cooking wonderful dinners she spends days cooking and stocking  her giant chest freezer up for days to come. Kate doesn't throw any food away, she freezes bits here and there and uses them up in her cooking. The girls at Fancy always ask with interest "what have you got for dinner today Kate ?" I think Kate should start writing a blog with her recipes and ideas for dinners from the chest freezer.

Kate has cooked many recipes from the 'EAT' book already and she recommended this recipe for Sausage Lasagne, she said it was really good, she cooked it for her sister who then went out that night especially to buy the book to use the recipe.

So here goes I cooked it tonight for dinner it was very easy to put together.

Ingredients (serves 4)

350g Cherry Tomatoes roughly chopped

2 Large Tomatoes Sliced

750g Good Quality Butchers Sausages (peel off their skins)

Lasagne Sheets

250ml Double Cream

Parmesan Cheese grated

1 TBS Dijon Mustard

Set Oven to 200 C
Rub a little olive oil oil around a baking dish add sheets of dried lasagne broken into pieces to make them fit.

Distribute half the chopped cherry tomatoes over the lasagne

Cover with half of the sausage meat

Then another layer of lasagne

the rest of the chopped cherry tomatoes

another layer of lasagne sheets

finish with the other half of the sausage meat

Lay the sliced large tomatoes on top

Stir the dijon mustard into the double cream, season lightly, then pour over the top.

Cover with the grated parmesan.
Bake in oven for 45 minutes

Serve with fresh crusty bread and fresh salad leaves

Next time I cook this dish I will use a larger dish and dot the sausage over in blobs and use more sheets of lasagne !

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