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Monday, 26 May 2014

Olive Oil Orange Cake

I always like to test a quick recipe, I feel the need to whip one up and squeeze one in each day.  I had some oranges sitting in my fruit bowl and am always keen to find new dairy free cake ideas.  This Olive Oil Orange Cake looked interesting and very simple.

Oranges x 2 
Olive Oil 1/3 Cup
Plain Flour 2 Cups
Baking powder 1.5 tsp
Bicarbonate of Soda 0.5 tsp
Caster Sugar 1.5 Cups
Eggs 4 medium

9 inch round tin oiled and lined.
Blend the whole oranges with the olive oil.
Sieve the flour and raising agents together.
Whisk the eggs and sugar until light and fluffy.
Slowly fold the flour mix into the egg mix, alternating the flour and orange blend. (Taking care not to knock out any air).
Pour the mix into your tin and bake for 50 mins at 175 degrees C until cooked.
Turn out onto cooling tray and finish as you desire.

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